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Tia S. Kirby, is a highly sought after natural hair care, beauty & style vlogger, speaker, event host, spokesperson, brand ambassador and aspiring television correspondent.  After six years of great success in growing her natural hair, Tia is a true “Natural Hair Enthusiast“!!   Excited to share her knowledge, enthusiasm, support and love for healthy hair care, beauty & style; using video, social media platforms, meet & greets, workshops, pictures, events, modeling & travel, Tia has been able to equip and inspire people all across the world.  Just to name a few… London, South Africa, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Chile and of course the United States.

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Tia is very happily married to her husband of 17 years.  As well, she is a mother of three amazing kids; two girls and one boy! Her oldest two kids are her beautiful daughters who are also four years into their natural hair journey. Hence, the name… “Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls” (MMG&ONC).  As a mother with two daughters and taking care of three heads of hair can be a big task and hefty on the family budget when going to professional stylists.

After deciding to never use relaxers again, Tia and her daughters each transitioned to natural hair, eventually cutting away their relaxed ends; now they all rock their natural hair and love it!!  Having a true “Do it Yourself” personality; learning proper hair care, beauty, makeup techniques and style has become second nature for Tia.  Being able to share this knowledge with the world is not only enjoyable… it is a fulfilling assignment.


Through her journey she has become not only passionate about healthy hair care but has learned to truly fall in love with her God-given curls and to embrace & love herself!  It is Tia’s goal & passion to encourage everyone that she comes in contact with, who reads MMG&ONC blog, attends an event and/or watches her videos to do the same.  Be confident, be bold, be yourself, embrace every part of who you are and strive to be the best you that only you can be!

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Tia hopes to meet, see, reach, inspire, encourage, uplift, and equip you very soon!

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