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  • Jeanathan Paguese

    My name is jeanathan Paguese and it’s been a month and the shirt I order has not came in yet. Please contact me at 5125341903 or jeanathanp

  • lisha wilson

    Hi my name is felisha Wilson I was wondering if you do other people hair

    • Tia Kirby

      Hi Lisha, thank you for cjecking out my blog. I hope yoy will subscribe! I don’t do other people’s hair. I’m not a licensed cosmetologist.

  • Shanta

    Tia, your most recent YouTube video “waist length check” is soooooooooo motivational!!! I appreciate and admire your ambitious spirit. Keep it up! In case you do not hear it enough, your videos, passion for hair care, and confidence is very inspiring. YOU ROCK!!!!!

    • Tia Kirby

      Shanta, thank you so very much for taking the time to leave this AMAZING feedback! I really really appreciate it! #humbled May God get the glory!