Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls (MMG&ONC) represents every female that embraces, loves, & is excited about her God-given curls.  MMG&ONC is a platform that celebrates all things beauty with a focus to encompass lifestyle, fashion, makeup, skin care and of course healthy haircare tips, tutorials, advice for everyone with textured hair whether relaxed, natural, or in between.  We aim to reach everyone regardless of your length, texture, curl pattern, shape, size, skin tone, or style.  MMG&ONC is one celebration of all things beauty, learning, living, healing and most importantly loving YOU!

On this site you will receive great healthy hair advice, have access to great tutorials and DIY videos on everything from healthy hair care, product application, makeup tutorials & reviews, fashion, style and so much more!

Along with my YouTube channel, events, meet & greets, Instagram and other social media, MMG&ONC‘s purpose is to inspire, encourage, educate & equip women & young ladies of all ages to…

“Fall In Love With You & Your God-given Curls!”

There is soooo much power, joy & freedom in that statement!

Whether you have natural hair or not… learning to love you and everything about you is key embracing yourself fully.  Doing so requires learning & implementing healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.  It’s very important to enjoy the journey at every stage!

“I think the most important thing in your journey is… having fun with it, not making everything so serious, learning to enjoy every stage, and falling in love with God’s original design of you!”

I pray that all of our readers, subscribers and followers will receive useful information, great tips, encouragement, be inspired, & contribute great tips as well!

  • Andrea

    You have a beautiful family. I also have two girls (ages 2 and 9). I was forced into a big chop do to chemo treatments but now my hair is growing out and I finally have a twa. I am embracing my natural and your video helped me learn how to do that. I also want to learn how to better care for my girls hair as well, which is also natural. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your hair care regimines with the public. Have a great New Year.

    • http://memygirlsandournaturalcurls.wordpress.com tots5678

      Andrea, you have truly blessed me. Thank you so much for reading my blog, for your post & for watching the videos. Getting used to the natural is definitely a process but once you embrace your God-given curls & learn how to care for them it is certainly a wonderful thing! Remembering that God doesn’t make mistakes & everything He does is perfect although we are imperfect is powerful. What a powerful testimony you have to share with your girls as they embrace their natural curls! Not to mention the many others.

      I went natural after a long time of praying about the health of my hair. It was then & even still that I am seeing God’s original design of me! Seeing the original design of my girls made me regret ever having put a relaxer in their hair. We love it!

      Thanks again! Wishing you & your girls a very Healthy hair journey! I hope that you will keep following my blog! 😀

      Healthy, shiny, thick, long natural hair!!!