Broken Foot Chronicles & Updates!

It’s Important

The important things in life… 
My 15 year old daughter sees my husband Richard Kirby & I interact & she often says “relationship goals”. 
The other day my hubby was choosing cologne & he came home before buying to see what I liked. Other times she hears him talk to other people about me and how much he loves & is proud of me. I could name many other experiences but I’m sure that you get what I mean. 
It blesses me beyond measure to have a marriage, relationship, partnership & friendship with my husband. One that my daughter sees as genuine & she has goals to have a husband & relationship like her parents. 
Men, your daughters are watching you so much more than you realize. Be the example of the man that she’d want as a boyfriend & husband one day. 
Women, same instance… be the example of a wife that your daughter will want to learn from & aspire to have some of the traits you are displaying in her future relationships one day. 
It’s important! I didn’t have that as a child. I actually swore I’d never get married. It’s by God’s Grace & my faith in Him that I can share this. #Breakeverychain #TheGodweserveisgreaterthananything

I Broke My Foot!