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  • 2014

God-given Beauty Feature – Camille


Here’s another God-given Beauty Feature!!

It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday! – Healthy Ways 2 Stretch Your Curls!


It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday!!!

Today’s Focus…

“Healthy Ways To Stretch Your Curls”

We often see other curlfriend’s who won’t wear their natural God-given curls because of shrinkage.

I remember when my hair was much shorter after doing my Big Chop I was able to wear cute Afro puffs & styles. But soon my hair grew & the Afro puff was not looking so good. My hair was too long for the puff but when I wore it out the shrinkage was very disheartening.

I would start out with my hair cute when wet but as it dried it crept up higher & higher. I’d look so crazy in my eyes. I tried headbands, hair accessories new styles anything to avoid having my curls out. As my hair grew longer I would at times get frustrated because it seemed to curl tighter & never really showed the length that I achieved.

Unfortunately, I focused more on the shrinkage than really appreciating how healthy & pretty my curls were. When I realized this I chose to embrace & appreciate my shrinkage. Because the only one that was “tripping” about if was me! Everyone else complimented my curls. I began to appreciate the versatility of my hair & the mystery of no one really knowing how long my hair really is. As my hair grew it became more voluminous sir to the shrinkage & that I really loved!

So for you ladies who have yet to embrace your shrinkage I want to give you a couple of healthy ways to stretch your curls! Here are some tutorial videos below:

Heatless & Lazy Curl Stretch

Heatless Blowout

Stretch & Re-purpose Your Curls

Saddened by News…


Titi Branch, one of the co-founders of the natural hair care line, Miss Jessie’s, died Dec. 4th according to an obituary by NV Magazine. There is speculation of an “apparent suicide” according to many media outlets.

Titi was only 45. Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls sends prayers & love to the family, friends & all affected by this tragic loss.

May the comfort & peace of our Heavenly Father be with you all in this time of grieving.

If you or someone you know is depressed speak up & reach out for proper help and counsel. 1.800.273.TALK