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It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday – Consistency!

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It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday!

Today’s Focus is:


Like most tasks of getting to a healthy state having a consistent regimen of care is key.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit, bring a plant back to optimum health, grow a business or trying to achieve the healthiest hair possible, you will require knowledge and consistent actions towards this outcome.

Hair like our bodies require attention, lots of water, a healthy diet and exercise.  All of these things must be done on a consistent basis.  For example, when I have fallen slack on my diet for 2 weeks I can immediately tell a difference in the way that I feel, the way that my body craves and in the way that my clothes fit.  As well, I can tell if I have fallen off of my water intake by the way that my hair sheds, feels & retains moisture.

Any time that you see a body builder training for a competition you see their bodies completely transform because of their discipline, eating and exercise regimen.  Once the competition is over and they are no longer “in training mode” you can see some weight gain over time.  Our hair will experience the same types of metamorphosis when we fall off of our regimens.  Great thing is that hair is a little more forgiving however, like anything staying consistent is key for optimum hair health.

Whether you are relaxed, transitioning, on a growth journey, completely natural or just did the big chop your overall hair health should be a goal.  Creating a regimen that works for you is the best thing that you can do.  A regimen is a routine that you follow to achieve sought after results.  For instance, I have a regimen of how I care for my hair including weekly deep condition treatments, co washing my hair, maintaining my hairstyles and trimming my ends.  My regimen fits my schedule, works best for my hair, fits my budget and keeps my hair healthy.  Overtime within keeping my regimen, of course some things change but most importantly they have become a habit after practicing.  Now some processed take much less time because my perspective has changed and I’m more used to the steps that I’m practicing so it flows and goes much faster.

I have often heard “there are too many steps” or “I don’t have time” or other excuses along those lines.  I believe that you make time for what you want to make time for and you make time for what is important to you.  If your overall hair health and goals are important to you then you will make time for it.  Many times we choose to put everyone and everything before our own interest and needs.  Often times we allow insignificant activities to monopolize our time and when it’s time to take care of ourselves we are much to exhausted or have a short attention span so that we don’t take time to learn and or stay consistent.  Another instance is that if we don’t see “microwave timed” results then we quickly default to bad habits or fall off of our regimen.

Bottom line is if you want anything to be healthy you have to make time for it, prioritize it and stay consistent with it.  Don’t spend so much time focused on the result that you don’t enjoy, learn from and celebrate the activity.  If there is anything that I have learned in my natural hair journey it is that consistency is key and overtime that consistent care and activity brings awesome results!

Please remember that knowledge must be sought after before you began your regimen because there is the chance that we could be consistently doing the wrong things yielding failed results.  Stay accountable, have a goal in mind and remember to enjoy the process at every stage.  Be sure that you are realistic with your schedule, budget and regimen and most importantly be patient and enjoy the journey!

My Experience as a Panelist for Women of Faith Health & Fitness Day!

This past weekend was a great weekend!  Saturday morning I was a panelist for the Women of Faith Health & Fitness Day at Koinonia Christian Church located in Arlington, Texas.  There were 6 total panelist total there to speak on and answer questions from almost every aspect of life!  There was a medical doctor, myself as a Natural Haircare Enthusiast, a Women’s Ministry Director, a Marriage & Family Therapist, a Health & Fitness Trainer and lastly an Intercessory Prayer Ministry Lead/Instructor.  This event had everything from “Girl Talk” to yoga, aerobics, fresh fruit, bottled water, healthy snacks, beautiful decor and fellowship!  There were women from all walks of life, all ages, all sizes and all ethnicity.

Experiencing this event as a panelist gave me a different perspective than normally sitting as a spectator/guest.  Seeing the women be so transparent, open and interested in finding answers and sharing their testimonies and offering input was absolutely transformational.  In many cases I saw places that ministered to me and reminded me that I should be thankful for some of my toughest experiences.  I found myself thankful because I could actually relate too and be a source of understanding for their experience as well be a listening ear.  I was enlightened on some topics such as balance and learning how to plan for my life.  I was challenged to assure that I continue to seek God for guidance daily and reminded that we are all human.

What I found most interesting as a panelist was being able to have a simple yet profound answers that were helpful other ladies.  Being able to share that my natural healthy hair journey has been and still is a very spiritual, enlightening & transformational journey that has allowed me to find me in so many ways.  Being able to share my knowledge and experience for healthy hair care bled into so many other aspects of women.  It was amazing that a great majority of the conversation was about natural hair care and the peaked interest of so many.  Natural haircare has become a desire, a lifestyle and an enjoyment to celebrate.

We as woman no matter the age, size, status, background, etc… can relate through the commonality of the many ways that our hair holds a high position in our lives.  Whether we  realize it or not our hair plays a huge role in our self esteem, how we view ourselves, our style and so much more.   As we think deeper our hair and our outer appearance can either be a mask to cover or a reflection of who we are… this is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Women are like onions with many layers which is a great comparison to our natural hair.  Natural hair has different textures and/or curl patterns throughout our hair and some layers/textures need a little more attention and care than the other layers/textures.  When I began to fall in love with my God-given curls I had to go through a process with lots of imperfections, lots of breaking, a change in my perspective, a change in my behaviors with the care of it, a change in my approach to it, I had to try different products to find what worked and different styles that fit the length and the list goes on.  As I went through this journey there were days I just didn’t feel pretty, gave my hair too much attention or place, left it covered because I was discouraged, when I saw it and some days that I absolutely loved it then other days I wondered if I made the right decision.  While going through this process, I found that I felt the same way about myself; my confidence and self esteem were not in a strong place.

I shared that when I began my natural hair journey I really didn’t know that I was ‘going natural’.  I’d experienced some major hair breakage from my last relaxer and just decided to never get another relaxer on my hair again.  When your natural hair and/or ‘new growth’ is growing in there is no way to tell what you hair will look like and it is so foreign after wearing relaxers for most of your life.  What I did know was that I prayed and asked God to “transform me into the original design of what He purposed me to be, before the world, life, my parents and experiences got a hold of me”.  As my natural hair texture began to grow in I realized that it was apart of this prayer… the hair that was growing in was also the original hair that God designed and purposed.  So, I vowed to began to get to know, learn to care fore and love His design.  As I did I began to fall in love and see the pure beauty in His design without having to change or alter it with my opinion or vision of what it could be.

Needless to say, this transformation took place within me during the journey. I remember about 6 years ago I couldn’t even look in the mirror at myself.  The only time I did was to put on makeup or fix my hair and even then I only appreciated and accepted me when I was made up, fixed up and dolled up.  Today I am on YouTube videos with absolutely no makeup and my hair in crazy plats and so many other crazy forms.  But the one point that is so different is… I can look in the mirror today and I do see beauty in all of my imperfections.  Simply put… I now see the fearfully and wonderfully made original design that God created!

Speaking on this panel brought me to a full circle moment to see other women be where I once was, see some where I am today, some dealing with different issues but all seeking to be and do better with the overall mind, body and soul.  The conversation was so good and intense that we didn’t get to go through all of the discussion planned but I believe that what was needed was certainly covered and it left a great teaser to join in next time!  I look forward to sitting on their panel for discussion again the next time I am invited. :)