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It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday!!! – Length Retention

It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday!!!

Today’s Focus…

7 Tips for Length Retention

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Many of us ladies tend to hit a stage where we feel that our hair is simply not growing especially when we wear our hair in it’s naturally curly but oh so shrunken state.  Some who straighten their hair using heat experience this stage as well.  Some ladies do routine trimming of their ends because it has become a learned behavior or because the hair looks frizzy so we assume it is damaged or need to be trimmed.  Most often our hair is growing but we are not retaining length which leads us to this conclusion that our hair is not growing.

There are some key ways to retain length but the largest key to each of these methods is CONSISTENCY!  As I’ve said before in all things when wanting to achieve a certain level of success you must maintain consistency.  So let’s get to these tips for length retention:

1. Moisturizing Your Hair – In order to retain length and keep the hair healthy you must keep it moisturized.  I champion deep conditioning your hair on a weekly basis for at least 3-4 hours.  I personally deep condition overnight each week mixing coconut oil, olive oil, conditioner and honey then applying to my hair and typing up in a plastic baggy.  I co-wash the deep treatment out of my hair with cool water the next morning.  Check out this video on my YouTube channel to see how I mix my deep treatment: http://youtu.be/Mpcmva0AnJk  Also check out this video of how I apply my deep conditioning treatment: http://youtu.be/7OC6Nm_vuSw

1a. Water is the most key ingredient to keeping your hair moisturized.  This means that you must drinks lots of water daily so that your hair is moisturized inside out.  As well, sealing your hair with an essential oil or aloe vera juice periodically throughout the week will help to moisten the hair, add shine and soften.

2. Protective Styling – Protective styling is a great way to help hold onto length.  As you may know already protective styling swearing your hair in styles that keep your ends always tucked away.  Doing this helps the ends of your hair avoid daily wear and tear/damage from being out in the weather elements, rubbing onto your clothes and too much manipulation when styling daily.  Most protective styles will last more than a day or two which allows your hair a break from being manipulated for detangling, combed, brushed, fluffed, heat styling, etc…  As well, your hair holds onto the moisture a little better because it is tucked away.  Check out this video on my YouTube channel for a tutorial on 5 Easy, Fab Protective Styles: http://youtu.be/B-YM3nPv1Bc

3. Sealing Your Ends – Sealing your ends with an essential oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, etc… will help the ends of your hair stay moisturized and coat the hair for extra protection.  Because the ends of our hair tend to be the driest and most often thinner than our new growth it is imperative to protect it from breakage and damage.

4. Take Break from Heat Styling - This tip is my personal favorite and is probably the most effective tip for my overall hair health.  Taking a long break from using heat styling tools allows your hair to hold onto moisture better, allows your hair strands to thicken and strengthen, allows a rest from daily manipulation to retain or style the your straightened hair not to mention allows you to spritz your hair with water or aloe vera juice and be generous with oils without weighing your hair down. Not damaging your hair or curl pattern for that matter with heat does wonders for the overall health & length retention of your hair.

5. Trimming Your Ends – Of course, trimming your ends is a vital necessity for length retention.  Trimming your damaged, weakened, thin or split ends helps to keep the damage from making its way up the length of your hair causing more damage and larger sections of your hair to chopped off.  While trimming your ends is a vital necessity for overall hair health it can be done too often causing you to trim away hair that is perfectly healthy.  Sometimes, we trim out of habit a learned behavior of maintenance rather than out of necessity.  For instance, because of the way that I care for my hair keeping it moisturized properly, not using certain ingredients in my hair, keeping it covered and not using any heat allows me to only trim my ends every 6 months.  However, if I have been in the sun a lot, swimming etc… I have to trim a little sooner.  With that being said be sure to examine your ends before trimming because you may be chopping off healthy hair that you have just grown in.  Thus leading to your conclusion that your hair is simply not growing. Check out these two videos on timing your ends when your hair is curly or trimming your ends on a heatless blowout: http://youtu.be/Q5q4PJDjbY8 & http://youtu.be/V9fW6FnATCA

6. Covering Your Hair – At night or just having some lazy time to lay around be sure to cover your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet.  Doing this allows your hair to avoid rubbing against fabric causing friction, frizz, snags and breakage.  As well, this allows your hair to hold onto moisture which could be soaked up by pillows, fabrics etc….  Keeping your hair covered with a satin scarf or bonnet helps to smooth out frizzy hair, lays down unruly hair and maintains your hair styles!

7. Detangling – While this can be a daunting, frustrating and long task this is a vital key to retaining your length. Keeping your hair detangled helps to avoid breakage, single strand knots, friction, less stressful manipulation on the hair. If you have thick or even long hair be sure to detangle your hair in small sections. Never derange on dry hair and only use a wide tooth comb, penman brush or my favorite… your fingers.  When detangling use a good conditioner with great slip that allows you to maneuver your tool of choice through your hair much easier.  A good conditioner on soaking wet hair will make the detangling process much easier because it will help to soften and loosen the hair as your glide through.  Once your detangle each section be sure to twist or braid the section to keep it from tangling it back up when it tries to curl or mix in with other sections of your hair.

I hope that you find these 7 tips helpful and that you will put them to practice!  Until next time… See you soon!  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/Tots5678