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Twistout on a Heatless Blowout

Throwback Thursday!


Throwback! Me & My Girls @lovevictoriamarie & @lovemaddisonrenee March 2005 with relaxed hair.

We’ve all been relaxer free since 2010! Best decision we ever made. I often regret that I ever put relaxers on my girls’ hair but at the time it was all that I knew.

Our hair appeared to be beautiful & healthy when it was relaxed. However, appearances can be deceiving. Over time (for us) relaxers caused our hair to become thin, prone to breakage, our edges were always short & our scalps would be dry & irritated. We only relaxed every 4 months but still experienced these issues. Not only that, we never knew that we possessed such beautiful God-given curls!

As the saying goes…

“When you know better, do better!”

Do what works best for the overall HEALTH of your hair wether relaxed/natural, short/long, thin/thick, course/fine, kinky/curly/wavy. At the end of the day truly healthy hair is beautiful hair!

Be inspired to take action towards achieving your healthiest hair, your healthiest you & fall in ❤️ with YOU while on the journey!
Nobody should love you more than you love yourself! Value you & others will follow suit!


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Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday – Read the Ingredients!!!

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It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday!!!

Does your hair always seem dry?  Do you experience a lot of frizz and breakage?  Does your hair not retain moisture long?  Did you know that what you use in your hair could affect your hormone levels and health?

Today’s healthy hair tip is READ THE INGREDIENTS on the back of the bottle.  Some issues with dry hair, moisture retention, breakage and hormone levels are caused by ingredients found in your hair products.  Never just go off the things written on the front of the bottle to decide that it’s a good product.  Often times products will put labels on the front such as “All Natural”, “Sulfate Free” or “Organic” to attract attention.  In fact, I’ve seen some conditioners that had the words “sulfate free” on the front of the bottle.  If you think about it most conditioners don’t contain sulfates anyway because sulfates are an ingredient used in detergents (soap).

Whenever, I’m buying hair products or even tempted to do so I read the back of the bottle.  Taking this extra step to read ingredients before I purchase has saved me so much money, hair mishaps and time.  Like many transitioners and new naturals when I first began my journey I became what’s commonly referred to as a “Product Junkie”.  Every time I went to the store whether it was the beauty supply or grocery store I strolled the product isle and searched for some new product to try.  I was online ordering products that I read about etc… I spent so much money that my husband was ready for me just to get a relaxer again and call it a day.  Lol!  I recommend if you are interested in a product look it up online and look for the ingredients in that product; most online websites that sell the product list the ingredients online.  For example, my daughter recommended a product that she liked and worked well for her so I pulled up the product and found a store that sold it then read the ingredients.  Unfortunately, it contained a silicone so I won’t get to use it because my hair has flourished since I cleansed my hair of all sulfates and stopped using products that contain them.

If you follow this blog or my YouTube channel, you may know that I began following the Curly Girl (CG) Method about one month after I did my big chop.  One of the main reasons that I decided to try this method is because my hair would always look so pretty when wet but as it dried it became a frizzy, dry, tangled mess.  My hair would not hold moisture and I was buying oils like crazy and trying a lot of different products that didn’t make any true difference.  While the CG method is not for everyone it was great for teaching me about ingredients to look out for.

At the risk of making this blog post too long I will list some of the ingredients that I avoid and a quick reason why?  For more in depth information check out the page on this blog entitled “silicones”.  You can find this page in the menu bar above as well as the menu on the right side of this page.

Silicones – Coats the hair strands and blocks the hair from receiving moisture

Mineral Oil, Wax & Petroleum – Heavy waxy ingredient that also coats hair strand like plastic wrap and inhibits the hair from receiving moisture

Sodium Laurel Sulfates - Used in most detergents such as laundry, dish, and car wash soaps. This ingredient is very harsh on the hair and is known to dry and cause the hair strand to thin, become brittle and prone to breakage.

Parabens - This is a preservative used in hair and cosmetic products.  Parabens have been found in tumors samples and are known to be carcinogenic and have been linked to breast cancer and other hormonal issues.

While these are just a few ingredients there are more out there.  You can check out my silicone page but I also suggest using google or a search engine to see more.  Please keep in mind that there are several different forms of different ingredients, some have names that just can’t be pronounced by the average person.  A great rule of thumb is I just don’t buy the product if I’m not sure.  I take a picture of the ingredients label while at the store and I look it up later if I really, really want to try it.

Another tip when wanting to try products is watching reviews on YouTube and reading them online.  There was a product that I wanted to try sooooo bad but all of the reviews were not so favorable.  But everyone’s hair is different and what didn’t work for them may work for me.  I bought the expensive product anyway and did not think it was good, it had a bad smell and for me it was not worth the amount of money that I paid.  Thankfully, I was able to return it.

Be aware that companies will change the ingredients in their products at anytime without warning.  I remember when I first began my transition I had a conditioner that was my absolute FAVORITE!  I used it as a cowash and DC.  This conditioner had all natural ingredients, made detangling a breeze, made my hair soft and manageable and it smelled so good.  One day, I bout a new bottle and it felt different… I looked at the ingredients and sure enough they added some not so good ingredients.  I had to throw the bottle away and search for something new.

When reading your ingredients you always want the first ingredient to be WATER!  If it’s not… throw it out and/or don’t purchase it.  Keep in mind that the first 5 ingredients are the most important because they make up the majority of what the product is made of.  Always read all the way down to the end of the ingredients.  I have purchased products before and at first glance didn’t see the bad stuff but when I took my time to read it there were some sneaky little ingredients that I won’t use mixed into the product.

Moral to the story is healthy, moisturized hair can be achieved if you are willing to rid yourself of some products and  take the time to read before you purchase products containing ingredients that could be the cause of the problem!  Remember, it takes time, consistency and patience for healthy, strong, shiny hair.

I hope this helps!! :)