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Check Out My 1st Interview from the “Getting To Know” show!

Great things are happening with Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls!  Check Out My 1st Interview from the “Getting To Know” show with 6th Man Productions:




It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday! – Track with selfies!



It’s Healthy Hair Tip Tuesday!! 

Today’s focus is tracking your healthy hair journey with selfies!  Of course, when being on a healthy hair journey wether you are moisture training, defining your curls, growing your hair or seeing which styles suit you best, it can be at times discouraging.  It’s discouraging because you don’t always realize how much progress your hair has actually made compared when you first started or the last picture you took.  Trust me… I have often experienced this discouragement.

Taking hair selfies are beneficial in many ways such as tracking your growth, seeing the difference in the overall sheen or your hair, allowing you to notice the difference in your curl definition when moisture training, allows you to see which styles look best on you and is a great way to tell the story of your hair journey. Did I mention it’s also the best way to encourage yourself and keep you accountable?  For example you may be on our current “No Heat Challenge” and want badly to give in.  However, looking at your hair selfies and seeing the progress that you’ve made with thickness, length retention and growth may encourage you  keep you accountable and motivate you to stay on track!

When I began the Curly Girl Method, my goal was to define my curls and rid of frizz.  So I jumped in committed to give it the full 6 weeks so that I could see if it made a true difference in my hair.  Well, I was also at the time a product junkie and would try anything just by the claim made on the front label.  I wasn’t in the mode of reading labels and paying attention to what I put in my hair.  I decided to go all in, stop trying so many products and lastly to start taking pics of my hair starting from the first day and then every 2 weeks.  My goal was to see if I could see and track the transformation.  Doing this helped me a great deal especially when I felt as though there was no progress in my eyes.  I was encouraged and convinced that consistently taking really good care of my hair was the key to having healthy, shiny, strong, long hair.  Had I not taken my hair selfies, I think it would have been a whole other story and repeated cycles of me falling off of my band wagon and reverting back to old habits because I wasn’t able to tell or see right off the actual progress that my hair had made.

So, don’t worry about the vanity or the overall silliness of taking hair selfless…just think of it as another way to fall in live with your God-given curls and a great way to track your healthy hair progress!  :-)