MMG&ONC Turns the Spotlight on Lateisha ‘Tish’ Johnson!!

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Encouragement & Inspiration during our 2014 No Heat Challenge

MMG&ONC TURNS THE SPOTLIGHT ON Lateisha ‘Tish’ Johnson!!


Please allow me to introduce you all to my “O.H.” (Original Hair-crush)!  ;-P  Seriously, this lady was the first naturalista that I’d seen in person & absolutely gushed over her hair.  I was immediately inspired and encouraged about my Natural Hair Journey and my decision to Big Chop whenever I’d see her.

I remember when I first saw Lateisha Tish Johnon’s hair; I was sitting at a table and I glanced up and saw this huge, beautiful, natural curly ponytail and I was in awe!  It would be some time before we officially met but when we finally did, I remember complimenting her on her hair right off. I and asked her if she ever straightens because I’d never seen it straightened.  She responded “I don’t really use heat on my hair, I just recently straightened my hair after 3 years of no heat”.  She went on further to say “I enjoyed having it straight for a minute but I missed my curls”.  Meanwhile, I was still stuck on the fact that she said she had gone 3 years without straightening her hair!  I was thinking… wow, I don’t know if I could do that!

Keep in mind that I had recently big chopped and was rocking a TWA.  During our short conversation Tish showed me a picture of her hair straightened and I was in awe!  It was so thick, long, healthy & shiny!  I asked her what does she do to keep her hair so healthy and to achieve the growth that she had?  This was when she gave me the THE BEST ADVICE I’d received my whole entire natural hair journey…  She said,” I wash it, keep it moisturized and then I leave it alone!” then she ended the hair portion of our conversation with these words “I keep heat off of it and I just leave it alone.  My hair seems to grow best when I just simply leave it alone and not handle it all the time.”

Here I am today almost 2 years later after having that conversation with her; I am less than one month away from achieving that same success of not using heat and not straightening my hair for 3 years!  Something that I thought was nearly impossible for me to do.  At the time, I thought “I’ll try a year but that’s it.”  On top of that, I took her advice and began to do my wash n’ go styles and after that I’d leave my hair alone.

I hope that you too will be encouraged & inspired by my “O.H.” after reading her story and what she has to say!

Without further ado, please meet this most amazing Make Up Artist, Teacher, 1st Place Muscle Mania competition winner, dancer & wife… Lateisha ‘Tish’ Johnson also known as @FlawlessbyTish:

Hi Ladies!

So, just a little history about this mane of mine. I’m a 3C/4A curly head and I really do love my hair (on most days). We have this love, hate type thing going on. I cut my hair off November 2009, and never regretted it for a single moment. When I cut my hair, I made the decision to go for long periods of time without using heat. I did not straighten my hair for two years after cutting it…….and when I did straighten it, I was already over it! Give me my curls back!

I have seen the result of excessive straightening, which is why I have made the choice to straighten only once a year (if that) with no touch ups in between. You know what I mean by touch ups ladies, “Oh, this piece is a little fuzzy let me just straighten this piece one more time. Oh, well I’ll only hit the edges one more time.” If I straighten I pass the flat iron over each piece one time and that’s it. However, I rarely straighten and my hair thanks me for it. Curly hair of any texture can be hard to manage at times, which is why finding products, and a routine that works for you is essential.

I don’t have a very strict routine for how I handle my hair; I have only a few rules.

  1. I don’t EVER comb my hair when it’s dry.
  2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
  3. Leave it alone

I wash my hair every 3-4 weeks……I know, I know, GROSS! It really does work for me. I tried to wash every two weeks, and it became an overwhelming task. I started to notice I wasn’t being as patient and gentle with my hair as I needed to be because I just wanted to be done washing and detangling! So again, finding what works for you is key.

My natural journey has been mine and mine alone. When you hear people say, “What works for one person may not work for the next.” It’s true! I’ve tried routines and products other curly heads swore by, but it only left my hair matted, and me frustrated lol. Figure out what your hair needs. Don’t get all caught up with hair envy. Every single curl on your hair is unique and beautiful, embrace it, love it. When you love your hair it shows!

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Tish is a phenomenal makeup artist who I strongly support and highly recommend!

To see her work & book your makeup session visit her website:


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Egg white & veggie omelet:
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Fresh fruit on the side:
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Picture perfect & oh so delicious!